Saturday, Feb 18

Eton Messy

Eton Messy is a place to find exciting new up and coming; house, deep house, lounge, chill and electronic music.

As a key, taste-making online portal and clubbing brand responsible for launching the career of chart dance act Blonde - as well as shining the spotlight on a raft of up-and-coming producers via their influential YouTube channel.

Eton Messy is a brand that has its ear firmly to the ground. After launching in 2011, their Youtube channel now boasts over 320,000 subscribers and is renowned for a forward thinking musical policy that has helped launched the careers of a range of credible electronic acts. Also hosting stages at a range of international festivals, the brand has witnessed incredible growth during it’s first four years, feeding into their position as a respected platform within the industry.

Running our own events across the UK and Europe under Eton Messy Presents follows a series of carefully curated shows designed to present a range of established and up-and-coming producers within the house and garage spectrum, which also include Eton Messy DJs.

This has allowed for a strong physical presence with festival stage hosting and now a fully fledged Eton Messy Record Label.

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